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Old Fashion Pumpkin Bread

Old Fashion Pumpkin Bread | Olives-n-Okra

It seems like it’s autumn everywhere in the country, but not here in Central Florida. The temperature is a few degrees cooler, and the humidity is dropping ever so slightly. It’s still feels like summer, yet pumpkins and gourds are for sale on just about every empty corner lot and in every other church yard. The stores are full of pumpkins, white and orange, large and small. Smaller pumpkins are great for cooking; the larger pumpkins are best for making Jack-o-lanterns. [Read More...]


Caffe Positano Dessert Collage | Olives-n-Okra

Caffé Positanos Restaurant Review

Caffé Positanos restaurant review: Caffé Positanos seems to be the place to meet up for an early dinner or late lunch. It's where my girlfriends and I meet when we get together. It's also the place where we bring our out-of-town Italian relatives and that's saying something. We're not complaining, ... read more