portuguese rolls

Portuguese Corner Store & Bakery

For weeks my parents told me about this Portuguese bakery that’s near their house. Next time I come down we’ll stop in, they say. Wanted to stop in for a while now, they say. I drove down from Orlando this morning, and, as promised, we dropped in for a look-see. It’s a real find! The store is small, but it’s stocked… 

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El Paso Ribeye

El Paso Mexican

On a recent trip to Fort Belvoir, I had the opportunity to try some of the local fare, and I ate at El Paso’s more than once (I won’t tell you how many times). My husband grew up in El Paso (Fort Bliss really), so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try a restaurant named… 

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Bahama Breeze Introduces the Dark ‘n Stormy Bermuda Hand-Crafted Cocktail and Half-Price Appetizers

Sunday, March 23, was World Meteorological Day, and Bahama Breeze invited many local bloggers to help them celebrate during happy hour and try the new Dark ‘n Stormy hand-crafted cocktail and half price appetizers. The Dark ‘n Stormy, named for the treacherous waters surrounding the island of Bermuda, is the perfect marriage of Gosling Black Seal Rum and… 

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portuguese fava beans in sauce

Portuguese Fava Beans in Sauce

We lived in Fort Dix, New Jersey, in the 1960s, and Dolores, one of our neighbors who lived across the street, and who was of Portuguese descent (we can’t remember Dolores’ last name), often made Portuguese fava beans in a spicy tomato sauce and shared them with us. Eventually, Dolores taught my mom how… 

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summertime salad

Summertime Salad

Summertime salad is a dish that mom and dad created one day while the two of them were on a quest to prepare something different for dinner (that’s lunch for everyone north of the Mason-Dixon line). Red onion (my favorite), sweet corn, ripe tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and buttery avocado drizzled lightly with a lemon-olive… 

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pot roast

Rustic Pot Roast

Rustic pot roast is a dish that we had often when I was a kid. Mom roasted the meat slowly on low heat until it was so tender that it fell apart (our nickname for the dish was tear-apart-meat). This dish works best with tougher cuts of meat like chuck,… 

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berry cobbler

Berry Cobbler

While the rest of the country is freezing, fresh berries are showing up all over Florida, and, as you might expect, I couldn’t resist picking up more than my share of ripe raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. We couldn’t eat them fast enough (and I’m going strawberry picking tomorrow), so I had no choice but to make a mixed… 

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add ingredients

Ice Cream Magic™ for Ice Cream in Minutes

  I admit that ice cream is a weakness, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try Ice Cream Magic. It is one of the many As Seen On TV products created by Idea Village™. The fine folks at FuelMyBlog provided the product, a personal ice cream maker that caused my grandson to beg and plead for hours… 

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pop chef kit

Create Edible Arrangements With Pop Chef™

Yes, it does work, for those of you who have seen the commercials about Pop Chef™ — Just Push, Pop And Create Eye Popping Food in Seconds — without the mess or hassle of knives or cookie cutters. Push one of six designs into fruit, cheese, butter, or other shapeable food, then press the bulb to force… 

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Christmas Goose

[Guest post by Chris] This last Christmas we tried an experiment: roasting a goose. Goose is a traditional item at Christmas, or at least it used to be in some parts of the world, but neither of us had ever had it. One of our local supermarket chains does sell… 

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Trio of Chocolate Barks

[Guest post by Chris] Chocolate bark is probably the easiest thing you can make at Christmas. Sherry’s already posted a recipe for peppermint bark, but the three barks here are even easier. The best thing is that you can change the ingredients in just about any way you like as… 

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