Shin Jung Korean Restaurant

SAMSUNG Shin Jung’s, I’m convinced, is one of the best places to eat in Orlando. When you get out of your car, take a deep breath and inhale the delectable aroma of the Korean grill. If you’re walking, just follow your nose, and you’ll find the place. Shin Jung’s is in a small cottage, perhaps an old house left over from the early Colonial Town era, at 1638 East Colonial Drive in Orlando.  SAMSUNG We’ve eaten at Shin’s on several occasions. Last week, my son and I stopped in for lunch. We waited patiently outside until the restaurant opened at 11:30 (man, it smelled so good). It was cold that day, and Shin’s had all of the grill burners going when we walked in. Shin’s is ever so tiny and probably holds fewer than 50 guests. We were the first in, but it soon filled up, and it was full when we left. SAMSUNG Shin’s offers impressive lunch specials—Bul Go Gi, spicy marinated pork, chicken marinated in Korean sauce, Kal Bi—all served with rice, miso soup, kimchi, and a vegetable, but we went for the dinner menu and both ordered Bul Go Gi. (We skipped the appetizers and soups.) We chose to cook our own (they’ll cook it for you) at the table on the grill. We added a few cloves of garlic to the hot grill while we sampled the small dishes of kimchi, seaweed, fish cake, bean sprouts, chili paste, and other delicious offerings. I tried to wrap the tender slices of beef in a lettuce roll, truly I did, but it didn’t work out well. It was scrumptious just the same. I’m sure the staff had a good laugh at my expense, but the food was well worth it. SAMSUNG Service was prompt, and the staff was more than attentive and friendly. Our server stopped by often and helped us cook the Bul Go Gi or offered additional sides. He also suggested dishes to try on our next visit to the restaurant; you can bet we’re going.

The menu is impressive. Shin’s offers a number of tempting appetizers like kimchi, pepper, or seafood pancakes; pan-fried dumplings; and, salad. The list of stews and soups is fairly long, too. Next time, I’ll try the kimchi stew or maybe the Kal Bi Tang or udong ( a thick noodle soup cooked in a stone pot). I’m definitely going for the Bul Go Gi. Or the Kal Bi. Or both.

Prices for the grill start at around $20 and less for the appetizers and soups. You’ll get more than enough food for the price. We couldn’t eat all of our meal.

You can check out Shin Jung Korean Restaurant on FB, but you really need to experience it in person. It’s awesome.

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