Frankie Gone Bananas in Nassau

In late February, my husband and I took a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas with my mom and dad.  After the ship docked, my mom and dad went on a glass bottom boat excursion; we went to Ardastra Gardens and watched the famous marching flamingos.  We agreed to meet at Native Way, a local Bahamian eatery, after our excursions ended.  To our surprise, Native Way was gone—Frankie Gone Bananas was in its place.

Frankie’s is located at The Fish Fry—a strip of local seafood restaurants near the old fort in Nassau.  Frankie specializes in conch cooked many ways: salad, fritters, chowder, cracked, scorched, and fried. It also offers other fish and seafood dishes as well as Caribbean beans and rice, and tropical cocktails.

Frankie Gone Bananas, Nassau, New Providence Island, The Bahamas

The restaurant is two stories high.  Downstairs is an outdoor create your own conch salad bar, indoor and patio seating, and a small bar; upstairs is the martini and cigar bar, and additional seating. We sat inside downstairs to escape the sun.

Conch Fritters

We started with the conch chowder and conch fritters.  The deep-fried fritters were filled with more conch than flour and had a kick to them; the spicy tomato chowder was as delicious.

Conch Chowder

I had the fried snapper. It was served whole, head and all, and it had a good kick to it. I thought the fish was tasty, but it was a hassle to pick out the fish bones.

Fried Snapper

Everyone else had the cracked conch: fresh conch, deep-fried, and, well, beautiful.

Cracked Conch

The create your own conch salad is Frankie’s speciality.  You can add a number of items to your salad, including lobster and other seafood.  My dad had the regular conch salad: fresh conch, hot peppers, tomatoes, onions, lime, and a bit of cilantro. It’s heavenly.

Conch Salad

The conch salad starts at $10 for a regular salad; more if you add lobster. The entrées come in snack size (starting around $12), which is what we ordered, or in dinner portions. The snack size comes with fries, bread, and the entrée; the dinner portion (starting at $15)includes Caribbean beans and rice.

We’ve eaten at a couple of local restaurants both at the Fish Fry and over near Atlantis, and Frankie’s is by far the best one.  If you’re ever in Nassau, you have to give Frankie’s a try.

Reviewed by Sherry Nappa
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Frankie Gone Bananas
Arawak Cay
Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas
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