Oh, Easter

Oh, Easter, or, is it ugh! Easter?.  My mom’s claim to change tradition this year was only somewhat true.  We still had over 30 dinner guests, and we made enough food and dessert for one hundred.  That’s not so unusual; we make nearly that much food when we cook for two.

Easter Sweet Bread

We were on our feet beginning on Friday, and it didn’t end until we left for home this afternoon. It felt like we were on Dinner Impossible: working against the clock to complete an impossible mission.  I figured we could make things easier on ourselves if we did the baking in advance.

Easter dinner

I don’t think it mattered when we did the baking or what we prepared in advance. At 0600 on Sunday, my dad put the ham on to cook and was moving on to the turkey when I got up. We still had to prepare scalloped potatoes, stuffing, cranberry, buttered carrots, gravy, sweet potatoes with marshmallow, and salad. Before we had the chance to start cooking, the kids woke up and dove into their Easter baskets. Then we hid eggs. We ate a lot of candy before dawn.

Easter desserts

Before everyone showed up, we had numerous cheeses to slice, a relish tray to assembly, and Bahama Mamas to mix up (the official Easter drink this year—we still had plenty of wine). Mom spent a lot of time vacuuming up major spillage, and I didn’t leave the kitchen until it was time to eat.

I’m not sure about the “untraditional” part of Easter this year.  We didn’t have our beloved Minestra, the only thing I really wanted to eat, but we had everything else and then some.  Our guests all brought a covered dish, which increased our spread at least by twenty-five percent. When I left this afternoon, the balls of my feet were sore, and I was so stuffed that I nearly fell asleep while someone was taking to me. I left my poor niece to wash the dishes.

Later, mom and I swore we would not do this again next year. It’s time to do something easy and untraditional like make a reservation at a restaurant for Easter dinner.


  1. Vince says

    As much as we like to say we will eat out next year we won’t. The best part of the holidays is trying to catch up with what’s going on,
    and over-talk each other. It’s hard to talk to twenty people at a time, but we do it every year.

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