No Name Restaurant

We decided to give the No Name restaurant a try after we saw an advertisement along with a coupon for a free bowl of seafood chowder on a Boston trolley map. It’s hard to get a good picture of the No Name Restaurant. Although It’s a landmark, it’s barely noticeable. We walked the pier until we happened upon the pale yellow window covering and the No Name sign. The restaurant is located at 15 ½ Fish Pier at the Seaport in Boston. It’s been around since 1917. We were greeted by a long list of celebrity endorsements and local restaurant awards when we entered the restaurant—nothing recent and something I would think about after we ate. The restaurant had very few patrons. Our server, who was eating at the time of our arrival, would only give us one cup of their famous seafood chowder (he thought we should have two trolley maps to get two cups). We bought the second bowl. He returned to his food while we waited for our chowder and drinks.  The menu looked appealing but not unusual for a Boston seafood restaurant: lobster, clams, scallops, mussels, scrod, and shrimp served broiled, boiled or fried. Steak, chicken, and hamburgers are also available. There’s also the No Name famous seafood chowder. I’m not sure what was more disppointing—the service or the quality of the food. Our server ate his dinner the entire time we were there; he only attended to us to take our order and serve the food. He was still eating when we left. (We had to ask someone else to get our check). Worse, the food was disappointing. The famous seafood chowder was watery and tasteless; the cole slaw was sour; the home-made tartar sauce was drowning in an over abundance of chopped pickles; and, the fried clams were saltless. We weren’t the only ones who were disappointed. While waiting in line to pay the check, we heard the couple behind us comment about removing the celebrity endorsements and old restaurant awards because the food didn’t measure up. Generally, I don’t judge a restaurant on the first visit. I wondered about the place when I called to make reservations and found that they only take reservations for large parties. But the No Name restaurant is synonymous with No Taste. Next time I’m in Boston, I don’t think I’ll give it a second try.

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  1. Frederick says

    As a Boston resident and food lover, it breaks my heart when visitors to my lovely city get drawn into these terrible tourist traps. No Name, Union Oyster, Barking Crab, Anthony’s, they are just uniformly awful. Even Legal’s isn’t THAT good, although the Harborside offers striking views at least.

  2. says

    Frederick, our dinner at Neptune Oyster was stellar. I agree on No Name, and I wouldn’t eat at a chain like Legal, but there are really some hidden gems (Rabia’s) along the way..

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