Kitchen Remodeling – Week 4

I titled this post Kitchen Remodeling – Week 4 but actually Wednesday ended week 7 of our kitchen remodeling project.  A few weeks ago, the cabinets and flooring were installed, the walls were patched, and the ceiling was painted.  We were waiting on the countertop contractor to finish up the first part of our kitchen remodeling when we were informed that a tool broke and it had to be ordered from Italy.

My husband was fairly upset that one tool could cripple a business to the point of no business for weeks, but as hostages we had no choice but to wait. Finally, this week the counter tops were installed.

There are small odds and ends that need to be fixed: caulking on a small portion of the backsplash, installation of the stove vent, reinstallation of the water softener, and the repair of a few nicks on the cabinets. I’m hoping this is all done next week. We have boxes of kitchen gadgets in our living room and dining room, and we’ve been washing dishes outside with the yard hose.  At first we grilled outdoors, but the excitement wore off after about two weeks. Then we ordered take out or went out to eat. That got old quick (and we grew fatter). Now we just munch on whatever’s in the house.

To date, this remodeling project covers only 3 of 4 walls in our kitchen. What’s not shown here is the wall with the windows, a cabinet-less countertop, and an old built-in microwave stand. We’re replacing the windows and adding a pantry.  A couple of cabinets will replace the old microwave stand and countertop.  The cabinets will be shipped on June 14. When the windows and countertop show up is a mystery to us.

Tomorrow, I’ll unpack the boxes in the living and dining room, and try to get things back to normal before it’s disrupted again to remodel the last part of the kitchen. Given the ways things have gone, I’d say the kitchen remodeling project won’t end before August.

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