Kitchen Remodeling – Week 3

We’re now into week 3 of kitchen remodeling. Progress was made this week: the cabinets were installed, measurements were taken for the counter top, and the windows and the pantry are now on order.

We purchased American Woodcraft Charlottesville Cherry Chocolate Glaze cabinets with antique bronze knobs.  We chose Marazzi Montagna Belluno 12 x 12-inch porcelain rustic floor tile with smoke colored grout. The counter top (not shown) is Silestone Sienna Ridge. The Home Depot is handling the entire project, and so far, we’re pleased with the results.

What’s not shown here is one wall in the kitchen. We’re making a modification to the wall, installing new windows, and replacing an old microwave cabinet and a long, useless counter top with two cabinets and a pantry plus a small covered area for a trash can. I’ll post these photos once the materials arrive and the demolition begins. Unfortunately, the counter top won’t be installed for a minimum of two weeks. That means the stove, dishwasher, sink, garbage disposal, and microwave won’t be installed either. It looks like at least two more weeks of living out of boxes and cooking out doors.

Kitchen Remodeling – Week 2
Kitchen Remodeling – Week 1


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