Kitchen Remodeling – Week 2

Seems like a lot was accomplished during the last week.  The contractor repaired dry wall, painted (sloppy too—he sprayed one recliner and a vent), and installed the floor tile.  My husband, Fred, is growing impatient; he moved the refrigerator back on the wet grout so that we could start getting things back to normal. For what we paid for this kitchen remodeling, I want to wait until it’s all finished. Last night Fred discovered that the hose for the ice maker wasn’t tight, and we had a water leak on the newly grouted floor. I think he stopped breathing for a second or two.

The cabinet installer was due to arrive first thing Friday morning, and of course, Fred was up before dawn pacing back and forth. I told him I couldn’t imagine anyone starting a cabinet install on a Friday; at 7:20 a.m. the installer called and postponed until Monday. It was a big weekend downer for both of us. We put a mosaic border between the new kitchen tile and the old tile that we have all over the house. It doesn’t look too bad. Eventually, I’ll replace the old tile with either wood or laminate floors. My daughter, Amanda, came over with her stepdaughter, Brittany. They both liked the tile, but Brittany thought the tile matched the way I cooked. Amanda was quick to tell me it was rustic, like rustic cooking. I’m going to think about this all week; I think they called me “old”.Today, the installer came first thing. He installed most of the upper cabinets. Two of the doors don’t close like they should—they bang against each other when opened or closed. I told Fred to leave it alone until tomorrow. He wants to start putting things away, but all I can see are the big bucks we spent on this remodel. In the meantime, we’re grilling out and eating lots of salad. We went out for breakfast last night, but I won’t have time this week to eat out. Tomorrow, it’s fish on the grill. Well, that’s only if the bats aren’t hanging around.


Kitchen Remodeling—Week 1



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