In anticipation of Easter

Easter is coming up soon, and that means my mom and I have planned Easter dinner for at least a month.  I usually have Easter at my house, but we’re having our kitchen remodeled (yay!) and it won’t be possible to cook. We’re going to have Easter at my mom and dad’s house this year.

On Good Friday, we traditionally make Spaghetti with Anchovies or some type of other fish.  For easter dinner, we usually start with appetizers like bruschetta, tapenade, sharp provolone, soppressata, lupino beans, colored eggs, crab mold, smoked fish spread, a tray of cut fruit, deviled eggs, and lots of wine. This is followed by Minestra, or Italian Wedding Soup, then ham or turkey, salad, a relish tray, rolls, peas or broccoli or green beans, sweet potatoes with marshmallow, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.  A gigantic rice pie, cheesecake, Easter sweet bread, and, candy, of course, finish the meal.

This year my mom told me that we were going to down size Easter. Because I’m arriving late in the evening on Good Friday, we’re not going to make anything special, she says.  No appetizers, no sacred minestra on Easter Sunday either. We’ll have ham, scalloped potatoes, and salad. We’re going to break tradition. It’s too much work since my mom is old, she says. I suppose I’ll have to fill up on wine and chocolate Easter eggs.

This is a conversation we’ve had before, on Thanksgiving, if I remember correctly.  Stay tuned to see what we really have for Easter weekend.


  1. Lisa Koskovich says

    I heard turkey may be a part of it. I’m making Easter cookies (no, not the slice and bake ones). It will be a fun-family-filled day!

  2. Amanda (daughter of the author) says

    You mean, instead of the usual, this year we’ll only make enough food to feed a small continent; how will we survive? Really, I see no need in going if I’m just going to starve!

  3. Vince says

    Amanda, remember we can be at a restaurant in ten minutes. No need to go hungry on another holiday. Glad it’s only the immediate family coming (thirty or so). That means more for us.


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