Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder House

Earlier this month, I spent a few days in Rhode Island at a family reunion. There’s no way to visit Rhode Island without eating the seafood in true Rhode Island fashion. Iggy’s is one of those quaint New England clam shacks that we only dream about here in the South. At the Oakland Beach location, Iggy’s sits on the beach and overlooks the Narragansett Bay. Order your food, spread a blanket on the sand, and enjoy the sunset while chompin’ down on a few clam cakes and doughboys.

Iggy’s was founded in 1924.  The doughboy and chowder house in Oakland Beach is the oldest stand in Rhode Island. The beach stand was originally called Gus’s until Gaetano Gravino purchased it in 1989.  It was renamed Iggy’s after Gravino’s nickname “Ig”.

Iggy’s offers something for everyone, even non seafood lovers. Sandwiches range from $2.49-$6.99; doughboys and clam cakes are $7.69 a dozen; red or white chowder is $5.59 a bowl; seafood platters, including fish and chips, fried clams and fried scallops, and lobster, clam, and scallop rolls are priced daily. Sides and salads range from $3.99-$7.99. Try an Iggy’s homemade root beer or raspberry-lime soda for $1.99.

You can’t visit Rhode Island without visiting Iggy’s at least once. It will be on your list of places to visit the next time you’re in Rhode Island. If you’re a tourist like me, you can enjoy Iggy’s all year-long without leaving your home by visiting their store on the web. Pick up your own Iggy’s Doughboy or Clam Cake mix, canned clams, stuffies, home-made soda, clothing apparel, gift baskets, collectibles, and gift cards. If you’re a local, view the menu, and print coupons and enjoy a discount on your next Iggy’s meal.

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Reviewed by Sherry Nappa

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