Hunan Wok

I’m usually on a hunt for the best crab cakes when I’m in Southern Maryland, but on the last few trips, my buddies and I chomped down at the Hunan Wok. The restaurant is located in St. Mary’s Square Shopping Center at 21600 Great Mills Road #6 in Lexington Park, Maryland.

To say the restaurant is unadorned is a understatment. It’s for sure a no frills dining experience. The interior is fairly run-down and unkempt. On our last visit, both restrooms were out-of-order (this didn’t go over well with my buddies) and the main lights in the dining room were out. I think we were probably the only patrons who ate in the dining room during any of our visits. I did notice that the Wok had a fairly steady flow of take out and delivery orders, a good sign to be sure. When you’re eating at Hunan Wok, you truly feel like you’re contributing to the survival of a small business.

The staff is small and busy. We usually have the same two or three guys (one of them is the cook) when we’re at the restaurant. The service is fairly quick, and despite the lack of English-speaking skills, the staff is generally attentive.

The menu is extensive; it contains over 120 different entrees plus house speciality dishes, a diet menu, side dishes, wings, combination platters, and lunch specials. We usually pop in for lunch. The lunch specials are reasonably priced and offer more food that I can usually eat: egg drop or won ton soup, a spring roll, pork fried rice, and one of 30 entrees.

Despite its humble surroundings, Hunan Wok offers great Chinese food and quick service. The food is not only delish, but it’s also a good value for the price: a lot of food at a decent price. Something we need in today’s economy. Lunch specials range from $6.75 to $7.25 (drinks come in bottles and cans and are not included in the lunch price). Appetizers and soups start at around $1.25 for an egg roll and $5.25 for House Special Soup; entrees, $4.95 to $8.95; and chef specials, $8.55 to $12.00. There’s a minimum $8 charge for Visa and Mastercard and $15 for delivery. Oddly, the restaurant doesn’t have a website, but you can visit them on Facebook. You should give them a try.


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