Create Edible Arrangements With Pop Chef™

watermelon heartsYes, it does work, for those of you who have seen the commercials about Pop Chef™ — Just Push, Pop And Create Eye Popping Food in Seconds — without the mess or hassle of knives or cookie cutters. Push one of six designs into fruit, cheese, butter, or other shapeable food, then press the bulb to force air and pop out the shape and create mouth watering masterpieces and edible arrangements in seconds. Pop Chef™ is one of the many As Seen On TV products created by Idea Village™.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try Pop Chef™, courtesy of the folks at FuelMyBlog. The product came with an air bulb, six cutters, several bamboo skewers, and recipes. I tried all six attachments and made a fruit arrangement. In my arrangement, I used watermelon, red papaya, mango, honeydew, cantaloupe, kiwi, and assorted berries for accent. This is not a paid review, but instead, it is based on my experience using Pop Chef™.

pop chef kitI learned a few things along the way. If the fruit is overly ripe, it will more than likely fall apart after it’s pushed in and then pressed with the air bulb. The red papaya was nice and ripe, but it didn’t hold up when I tried to cut it. Likewise, if the fruit is a little green, it may cut okay but popping it out of the shaft will be difficult. I found this out when I tried to cut mango that was not quite ripe. I trimmed the mango and made the two slices smaller, and it worked well.watermelon hearts

The fruit should also be about 1 inch thick, and it should be as flat and even as possible. Watermelon worked well, and so did the honeydew and cantaloupe after I trimmed the rounded edges. I also trimmed the ends of the kiwi and cut them in half (the kiwi is soft, too). I sliced a mango on two sides, then shaped them flat (after one failed attempt). The smaller heart, circle, or butterfly designs worked fairly well on the watermelon, kiwi, mango, and papaya. I used the large designs on the honeydew and cantaloupe.

Later, I tried making decorative shapes using butter, but I let it set at room temperature too long and it was too soft. It got stuck in the cutter, and I had to dig it out. I’m sure it would work if the butter was cold. I set mine out on the counter thinking that I would get to it soon, but time got away from me.

Overall, the product worked as advertised. What took me the longest was preparing the fruit; the push, press, and pop went quickly. I was happy with my edible arrangement, and it gave me ideas for baked goods, cheese trays, appetizers, and vegetable arrangements. I loaned Pop Chef™ to my daughter today, so I’m anxious to see what she comes up with. My grandkids are eager to give it a try, and it’s safe for them to use.

Pop Chef™ starts around $10, but it could be a bit more depending on where you buy it. I think it would be a lot of fun to shape and pop brownies, cake pops, homemade marshmallows, and fudge. Valentine’s Day is coming up, so it’s an opportunity to be creative with Pop Chef™. I think I might try it on chocolate.


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