A New Treasure

Saturday night I while I was in Target picking up party favors for my granddaughter’s birthday, I ran across an unexpected treasure in the kitchen and housewares section, and yes, I needed it.

My new treasure – a Ball decorative 1 gallon jar

Target carries a limited number of Ball canning supplies, so imagine my surprise to see the one gallon decorative jars towering over the small half pint jars.  The label on the jar states that “The large size and easy-to-use, push-on lid makes this jar great for decorative storage, crafting, or even as a cookie jar. The possibilities are endless!”  When I saw it, I knew that I found a new Limoncello infusing jar, and it was only $19.99.  This is larger than my current jar. Think of the grain alcohol and lemon peels that this gigantic jar can hold.  I can make two or three batches of Limoncello now, instead of one at a time, 40 days apart. I think I need to give it a test run.


  1. Spencer says

    Have you used the 1 gallon jar for the Limoncello yet? I received one of these jars as a gift. I thought I could make infusions, pickled vegetables, or kombucha or… in it but wasn’t sure if it was food-safe glass. I know it says that it’s not for canning or preserving but maybe that’s just because it doesn’t have a lid that will seal and they don’t want you pouring boiling liquids into it? I want to use this thing for something other than storage though!

    • says

      I have lemons infusing in grain alcohol right now. Everything seems to be okay so far. I’m going to finish it up next week, so I’ll find out if it passes the “use” test.

      • Spencer says

        okay thanks! it’s probably fine, i should just go for it. i’d like to try the limoncello recipe, just not sure where to find grain alcohol in upstate NY.

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